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A RAFT is a creative writing assignment where you become an inantimate object and write in the voice of that object. For this assignment, you need to take the ROLE of an object in The Outsiders such as Bob's ring, Cherry's Coke, Johnny's cigarette, etc. Consider your AUDIENCE while writing. The format will be in a letter or diary form, and the topic is "WHY?"  Here is a sample of a RAFT:

Role: Cherry's Coke
Audience: Cherry
Format: Letter
Topic: Why did you waste me?

Dear Cherry Valance, 

Hi, there, Cherry. Maybe you don’t remember me, so allow me to introduce myself. I am Coca-Cola. You may know me as “Coke”. That’s fine…it’s not a nickname I like, but it’s pretty common.  I was bought for you as a peace offering by Dallas Winston. When Dallas walked up to that counter and ordered me, I knew I was in for an exciting time. I envisioned getting to ride on a motorcycle, maybe seeing a bit of the town.  I was confused when he handed me to you, but after I found out your name was “Cherry”, I enjoyed a chuckle. I was now “Cherry’s Coke”…get it? Ha-ha! My amusement ended up being short lived. It was an extreme disappointment when you literally threw me in the face of him. I couldn’t believe it! One minute I’m chilling in my cup and the next minute I’m splattering everywhere. I am now reduced to sticky droplets on the movie house floor. So much for my big adventure.

 Now, I realize that I’m a beverage. I know my lifespan isn’t long. But I also know that I am cool, refreshing, and some even call me “sparkling”. That’s not me being conceited, that’s just what I’ve heard. Anyway, I know you were angry and trying to prove a point, but might I point out that you had a perfectly boring bottle of water sitting by you? That would have done the trick just fine.  I’m telling you this, not out of anger, but to ensure that you don’t do it again.  The next time you’re angry, maybe use your words instead of throwing a perfectly decent (some may say “beautiful”) beverage at somebody. Thank you for listening.

Unsincerely (I guess I am still a little mad),

Coca Cola